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Upper Elementary Teacher

Upper Elementary Montessori STEM Teaching position. IMS, currently serving 3-9 year olds is a language immersion Montessori school where all the teaching is done in a 2nd language: French, Spanish or Mandarin. As the ages increase at IMS, our native speaking English students get progressively exposed to more to more instruction in English. By the time they start in Upper Elementary, at which point they are completely bilingual and bi-literate, the students will have approximately 40% of their instructional time in English.  IMS is recruiting a certified, experienced teacher for the new English Upper El classroom opening in fall 2014. This is unique teaching position as it is designed to complement the immersion Upper Elementary classrooms which will be conducted in French or in Spanish.  This position is for the candidate who enjoys a multi-lingual, diverse and international community, and desires an evolving position and developing classroom. IMS is in the middle of a multi-year expansion plan through 8th grade.   Finally, if the candidate does not have Montessori STEM training, IMS will support this professional development. IMS will be in Dallas for the 2014 AMS Conference. 

Qualified candidates can send resumes to hos@imsnc.org or 

Kateri Carver-Akers 
3001 Academy Rd.Building 300
Durham, NC 27707

Spanish Primary Teacher (3-6)

We are looking for an experienced, certified Montessori Primary Teacher ( 3-6 years old) for our La Casa de los niños Spanish Immersion program . Position will start in August 2014.
Candidate must be 100% bilingual Spanish/English, enthusiastic, flexible, collaborative, committed and passionate relate to language immersion and Montessori education. Good computer skills and English are required as well.

The candidate must be AMS or AMI Montessori Certified and have a minimum of two years' experience working in a Montessori environment.

If you would like to apply for the position please, send your resume and cover letter to assistanthos@imsnc.org.
For more information visit our web site at www.imsnc.org

If you would like to inquire about job opportunities or apply to be a substitute teacher, please send your resume to office@imsnc.org.

Merci / Gracias!

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