Strategic Plan


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Strategic Vision
The long-term vision of IMS is to provide an immersion education from preschool through high school. Over the next six years, we will concentrate our efforts on growing the school through the 8th grade. Our vision depends on securing a site and funds to facilitate this expansion. Throughout both phase 1 and 2, we are dedicated to providing a quality education, smooth transitions, and parent and staff satisfaction.





Goal 1: Expansion.  IMS will increase enrollment in each grade level and acquire the facilities and resources to expand through the 8th grade by 2018, with the long-term goal of continuing through 12th grade. 

  • Establish an expansion timeline and plan.
  • Establish capacity during the successive expansion phases.
  • Determine capital needs and impact on long-term budget.

Goal 2: Strong and Visionary Leadership.  Implementation of these strategic goals depends upon strong governance and management.  We will build on our existing strengths by recruiting high-quality administrators and an active, skilled board. 

  • Strengthen the long-term effectiveness of IMS executive and administrative staff.
  • Enhance effectiveness of the Board of Directors.
  • Retain and grow a diverse student body.
  • Retain and grow a diverse and committed faculty and staff.

Goal 3: Academic Programs. IMS has developed an excellent reputation for its high-quality Montessori curriculum and language immersion education. Over the next six years, we aim to enhance our academics, increase extracurricular programs, and expand through the 8th grade.

  • Codify IMS curriculum.
  • Establish a Fine Arts Program.
  • Establish a Physical Education Program.
  • Launch a Montessori Upper Elementary program (grades 4-6), 2014-2016.
  • Launch a Middle School program (grades 7-8), 2017-2018.
  • Determine Assessment Tools and Frequency.
  • Initiate procedures and prepare documentation to seek formal accreditation with international and national organizations.
  • Collaborate with schools abroad.

Goal 4: Communities. IMS will build local and global partnerships to raise school visibility, broaden our base of support, reach prospective families, and contribute to our community.

  • Actively engage IMS in local and global communities.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Foster an involved parent community.

Goal 5: Finance. To ensure successful expansion, IMS will focus on opportunities to substantially grow revenues and expand financial aid programs.

  • Maintain secure tuition and non-tuition based revenue sources.
  • Establish an active finance committee.
  • Expand the IMS financial aid program.
  • Explore additional revenue streams for the school.
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