Tuition & Fees

2013-14 Annual Tuition Rates

  Primary (Ages 3 – 6) Grades 1 – 3 (Ages 6 – 9) Grades 4 – 6
Half Day $8,090 N/A N/A
Regular (3/4) Day $10,840 $10,840 $11,990
(8:15 – 3:00pm)      
Regular & Afterschool $13,340 $13,340 $14,490
(8:15 – 5:30pm)    

Admission Fees

Application Fee $75
Enrollment Fee
(One-time, non-refundable)
Enrollment Fee – Sibling Discount
(with sibling currently enrolled)
Tuition Deposit
(Tuition Payment #1)
10% of Annual Financial Obligation

Other Fees 2012-13 — (2013-14 Fees are yet to be determined)

Mini Camp $35 – Half Day, $55 – ¾ Day, $65 - Full Day
Early drop off $45 – per month
Day Extension $15 or $25
Lunch Bunch approximately $5.00 per day
Late Fee (Tuition) $25
Returned Check Fee $25
Late Fee (Pick Up) $1 per minute

Payment Schedule for Plan A: 10 Monthly Installments

There are 10 monthly installments and each installment is due by the 5th of the month. These payments do not necessarily reflect the monthly school calendar.

Payment Due Date
1* March 5th (*Tuition Deposit)
2 July 5th
3 August 5th
4 September 5th
5 October 5th
6 November 5th
7 December 5th
8 January 5th
9 February 5th
10 April 5th

Plan A: Monthly Payment Information (for ages 3 -9)

Primary Half Day $8,090 10 payments of $809
Primary & Elementary 3/4 Day $10,840 10 payments of $1,084
Primary & Elementary Full Day $13,340 10 payments of $1,334

Payment Schedule for Plan B: Annual Payment Information

The Annual Payment saves 3% on the total tuition bill. The balance is due in full on March 5th. This is referred to as a “Prepayment Discount.”

½ Day Tuition $7, 847
¾ Day Tuition $10,515
Full Day Tuition $12,940
  • Plan B is not available for Students receiving Financial Assistance from IMS
  • Plan B is only available until March 5, 2013
  • In the case of a withdrawal of a family on Plan B, the entire Financial Obligation applies in accordance with the Withdrawal Policies (see Section I).

Financial Policies 2012-13

Definition of Terms

“Financial Obligation” is defined as:

Annual tuition and fees for the specific program less the amount of Financial Assistance and less the amount of Prepayment Discount applied.

For late start students, the Financial Obligation is calculated as the pro rata annual tuition and fees for the specific program less the amount of Financial Assistance applied.  The pro rata amounts will be based on a ten month schedule corresponding to IMS’ academic year.  The family may choose to pay the entire Financial Obligation up front, but no Prepayment Discount applies to late start students.

NOTE: Regardless of when a student starts, the family is subject to the same Financial Obligation of the Tuition Deposit, Enrollment Fee and Refund Policy.

“Application Fee” is defined as:

The fee that covers processing the admission and enrollment of a student.  Families are requested to submit an application prior to scheduling an individual interview with the Head of School. However, they are welcome to attend the Information Session and do all other visits to the campus and observations prior to submitting an application.

“Enrollment Fee” is defined as:

A one-time non-refundable fee to secure the place for a student once the Enrollment Contract is signed and submitted. The funds generated from this fee go towards capital expense for running quality Montessori educational programs. The Enrollment Fee is reduced for any additional sibling applicant.

“Financial Assistance” is defined as:

A direct reduction in the Financial Obligation based on the financial needs of the student and family.  Financial Assistance is granted at the sole discretion of the Financial Assistance Committee, which is comprised of members of the Board and Head of School.  Financial Assistance forms and documents must be submitted by February 15th for enrollment in the following academic year.  A family that receives Financial Assistance may choose to pay the entire Financial Obligation up front, but no Prepayment Discount applies to families receiving Financial Assistance.

“Tuition Deposit” is defined as:

The Tuition Deposit is 10% of the total Financial Obligation and is used to secure a place for the student in the following academic year. For returning students, the Tuition Deposit is due by March 5th to secure re-enrollment. After this date, we cannot guarantee that a place will be available for a currently enrolled student.  The Tuition Deposit is applied toward the Financial Obligation and is credited against the Financial Obligation.  For families joining the school for the first time, the Tuition Deposit may be before, on, or after March 5th depending on the timing of being admitted into the school. For example, a family who moves to Durham in May and is admitted to our school in early June will owe the Application Fee, the Enrollment Fee, and the Tuition Deposit upon acceptance and then, one month later, will owe Payment #1. See below for the refund terms of the Tuition Deposit.

Enrollment Contract

All families at IMS are required to sign a one year Enrollment Contract which clearly states the Financial Obligation, any additional Financial Obligations for the academic year and the individual Payment Plan option the family has chosen. If the family receives Financial Assistance as part of the Financial Obligation to the school, this amount will be noted in the Enrollment Contract.  The current academic year’s Financial Policies are applicable to all contracts of the same academic year regardless of the Payment Plan or Financial Obligation. The IMS Board of Directors sets the tuition annually for ½, ¾ and Full Day programs based on the cost to run quality educational programs in our area.

There are two payment plans designed to meet the Financial Obligation to the school. If neither of these options is suitable to the family, then we encourage families to set up a meeting with the Business Manager to discuss another option.
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